About The One



The One is a lifestyle brand in Taiwan.
Our design is based on neo-oriental culture with simple and gorgeous style.

You may find us here:

ˇEThe One Nanyuan Land of Retreat & Wellness
ˇETaiwan Hsinchu The One Jhongshan Lifestyle Concept Shop
ˇETaiwan Taipei The One Gallery Chiao Xi Design Shop
ˇETaiwan Ilan The One Tour
ˇETaiwan Taipei



Nanyuan History


The One Nanyuan located in Xingpu Township, Hsinchu County.
Nanyuan was established in 1985 by Mr. Wang Tiwu, The founder of the United Daily News.
The Garden building combined traditional Chinese, Fukien and Hakka style, was designed by
Prof. Han Pao-teh. Nanyuan is the biggest Chinese garden with in the mountains.



The One Nanyuan

The One began operating Nanyuan in 2008.
We provide experience of five senses with unique creative and culture.
We wish every guest feels retreat and wellness.